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Why Bizdev

Bizdev collaborates with innovative companies interested in expanding and strengthening their presence in the international markets, by devoting its activities in the generation, definition and development of business relationships with selected local partners in different countries.

Bizdev participates since years in International business road shows on primary world markets organized in collaboration with Confindustria, Istituto Commercio Estero, Ministry of Economic Development and Embassies (both Italian abroad and foreign Countries’ Representatives in Italy) of the various target countries.

Bizdev has established cooperation agreements in several countries with local players interested in promoting businesses and products of Italian companies in their domestic markets.

Focus is on emerging markets: India, Brazil, Indonesia, Far South-East, EAU, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


















Best priority to the definition of trade agreements with leading local players.

Identifying opportunities for actual projects to be carried out in reasonable and definite times with a viable, scheduled implementation.

Collaboration with network of companies and Institutions in the target markets in order to provide preliminary business specifications and locally support the Italian companies in the development of their projects.



















Competitive/Market Intelligence

Sales Lead Generation

New Business Development












Competitive/Market Intelligence

Market analysis

Competition analysis

Introduction to Press and Opinion Makers


Sales Lead Generation +

New Business Development

Acquisition Opportunities

Product Bundling Opportunities

Channel creation, management and coaching

Cooperative Marketing Opportunities

Direct End User presentation and promotion

Distribution Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Joint Venture Opportunities

Marketing + Market Development Opportunities

OEM Opportunities

Partnering Opportunities

Product Licensing Opportunities

Public Relations Opportunities












Special Projects


Introduction to vendors who may be willing to private-label, co-label or OEM the technology of your portfolio companies.

Recruitment of a nationwide network of VARs who will resell the solutions of your portfolio companies to vertical and/or regional markets.

Introductions to industry vendors who may be interested in partnering with your portfolio companies at either a marketing, investor or technology level.

Introduction to product or service vendors who may be willing to consider a cooperative mailing with your portfolio companies to their existing customer base.

Introductions to prominent industry analysts/journalists who could be persuaded to evangelize your portfolio companies to the trade press and analyst community.

Regular market intelligence clippings designed to keep your portfolio companies completely up-to-speed with respect to competitive technologies, both current and future.

Recruitment of seasoned world-class sales, marketing & business development personnel who can market the solutions of your portfolio companies to their existing customer.

Introductions to PSO and/or large staff companies who may be willing to joint venture with your portfolio companies on the marketing of solutions to their existing installed base.

Introductions to potential acquisition/merger/roll-up candidates for your portfolio companies.

Introductions to software engineering service vendors who can build/maintain/enhance new products for your portfolio companies quickly and economically on a work-for-hire basis.











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